Dangbwe Comme

Drums are an important part of the vodunu. There are 3. The main drum, beaten by the head drummer is called Towonde and beaten with a stick with a crooked tip and the palm of the hand. The second drum on the right of the head drummer is named Wyande and beaten with 2 sticks like the head drummer’s. These two drums are made from the zabaca (avocado), breadfruit or cedar tree. The third drum is called Hwendo-masu and made from a small barrel beaten with a pair of long, thin sticks. The drums are accompanied by the iron (gan) and chac-chacs.

New drums are usually baptized the day before a ceremony. A small food offering of rice, peas and corn is made. Also, a godmother and godfather are chosen for the drum.

The community usually ordain a head drummer. Previous head drummers were Zizu, Gangwede, Hodonu, Dewendo (Henry Antoine) and Vivian Baptiste.

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